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At The Law Office of Kenneth M Minasian, we’re proud to provide peace of mind to you. We offer a range of legal services:

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Personal Injury
  • Social Security Disability

We have a passionate commitment to the physical, emotional, and economic well-being of our clients. Selecting the right attorney is an extremely important decision. It can influence the outcome of your case and the long-term impact of that outcome. Don’t face your situation without an experienced attorney on your side, one who can address your concerns while simultaneously acting as a tough negotiator on your behalf and working towards resolution.  We at The Law Office of Kenneth M Minasian are here to level the playing field.




Social Security Disability

Generally, anyone who has an injury of illness that prevents them from working for 1 year or more, or likely will result in disability of a year or more, can potentially qualify for various Social Security benefits. Applying for Social Security Disability (SSI or SSDI) can be a frustrating process and requires you to fill out lots of forms and provide detailed information. In recent years, we have seen the number of applications increase dramatically, and consequently, we have also seen a sharp increase in the number of denials. A big mistake in applying for SSD, is going it alone for the appeals in an application.

Personal Injury

Whether you are injured in a car or motorcycle accident, at work, or while shopping in a store, the road to recovery may be difficult. A personal injury or wrongful death will have ramifications that go beyond physical and emotional health – lost wages, diminished earning potential, medical expenses, and other costs may be a  shocking blow to your family’s well-being. We’re ready to guide you through the recovery process-both physically and financially. We have vast experience assisting victims in pursuing compensation from a range of careless individuals and entities, as well as through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurer.

Family Law

Hiring a family law attorney for child custody or child support, doesn’t mean your escalating a dispute. It simply means that you are taking measures, to ensure that your rights are protected. With our guidance, you can make decisions based less on emotions and more on reality. Also, we can help you understand your options, and the impact of any decisions that you may make. As your attorney, Kenneth Minasian will guide you to a resolution of your family law matter with compassion, respect, and strong advocacy. From our first meeting to our last, you will have clear direction and a strategy to successfully assert your rights.

We offer free initial consultations in office, over the phone, via Skype, and Google Hangouts. Call or complete a free online form to contact our legal staff now. If you cannot come to us, we will come to you! There’s no obligation, so you can use whichever method is most comfortable for you to get the help you need. Whether you’re looking for an auto accident, seasoned dog bite, experienced family law, knowledgeable social security disability appeal attorney, The Law Office of Kenneth M Minasian is here to answer your questions, support your family, and stand with you when it is time to face the people who hurt you.










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